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2 am & I Am Just Waking Up.

Hey, to all who may be reading this, from wherever it is that you are reading this from? I have this  linked up on a few of my authors pages, on Amazon. So I am assuming, that most of the people who would take a look at this, would be coming from there.    So, thanks for checking those out.    It is 2 am, and I am taking a

What Am I Writing These Days?

  What am I writing these days?   Well, I am glad that I asked myself.  Because I am going to quickly tell you.   Depending on if you are reading this, coming from any of my authors pages on Amazon. I am writing something at all times, in every one of them, and then some.    I write in many pen names as well. Names I

Entrepreneurial Motivation - No Preaching

    I used to write these more often.  And for some reason, I would delete them, shortly after.  I just didnt want this website to be something that  I am against. And that is self proclaimed GURUS, dropping "Knawledge", on everyones heads.    I am not that. And I never will be.    But I am a full time

Are You On Instagram?

Are you on Instagram? It is my favorite social media site. I have met a lot of cool people, and have made some great connections on there. I post normal human being  things, that make me, ME. I rarely even mention my own personal books that I write, let alone my entrepreneurial businesses. So I am not telling you to go there, so I can sell

Fortune or Fame?

This is a quick little message for my behind the scenes, entrepreneurial friends out there.   I know EXACTLY how it is, and what it feels like, to be grinding away, for hours and hours a day. Day after day, year after year. Staring into computer screens, looking through files, documents, codings, and everything else that comes with actually

Enjoy Life!

Update: The Kiss of Grace - Poetic Lyrics Book Out Soon!

  Hey, whats going on?  I made this quick video, to update what is going  on with my peotic lyrics book.  I have been working my butt off in so many other areas, and mostly behind the scenes of many other projects. But I have not forgotten about my own dreams, and projects that make me complete as a person. The video gives a

The Summer of Publishing Consulting Is Back!

Holy crap, its been a while since ive posted here. I really need to do so more often, but just have been so busy with so many amazing things.    I remember in 2015, I posted on a regular basis, and had some really unique shtuff on here, but like a moron, I erased it all, as the calender year changed over.   What an