Coming Soon To A World Near You In 2017


- Giving out 101 thousand copies of The Kiss of Grace, my next Poetic Lyrics book. Get yours & help spread the word please.


This summer I am going to do 100 hours worth of publishing consulting at $100 per. You must somewhat know what I am about in this business, in order for me to work with you. This is online, and not just for writers, but for those who seek to get rich quick yesterday! Haha, not really, but you know who you are. Those crazy minded pumpers, and wannabe pumpers. 


- Who sees this? Message me your thoughts, because I am doing something cool this year, & a few people are going to get some FREE info that could change their lives. 6 figure info, that will only be for a select few.


2017 is going to be a magical year for everyone. Make it happen, impose your will on the world, as that is the only way to succeed in it these days.