Hey, were are all the books & eBooks?

I have personally written so many titles over the years, in so many different genres, from poetry, to parody, to fiction, to non fiction, to kids books, to recipes, and then some that I will only reveal on my death bed, I cant possibly place all of them on this website. Well over 2 million words and counting, and well over 150+ titles and counting. My first goal is 1001 total titles, in both paperback & eBook formats. This is doable, for a crazy minded individual like myself. Here are 3 authors pages on Amazon where you can find a portion of my books, & eBooks I have written as myself, both in non fiction & fiction. I always appreciate your support so much, and absolutely love what I do. Dexter.



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PS: There is a heck of a lot more to the publishing side of Paradigm than just my books. Wait until you see what we have got coming up in the next couple of years. Hang tight, because reinventing wheels is kind of a slow moving process.