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What Am I Writing These Days?


What am I writing these days?


Well, I am glad that I asked myself. 

Because I am going to quickly tell you.


Depending on if you are reading this, coming from

any of my authors pages on Amazon. I am writing something

at all times, in every one of them, and then some. 


I write in many pen names as well. Names I do not

let anyone know is really moi (me).


Non fictionwise, I am always putting out something

new, in regards to one of my loves, which is food/health.

Those are a given. And I can churn those things out like no tomorrow.


But my fiction side, that I write as myself. I am working

on a couple of new poetic lyrics books. 


It was only supposed to be the one, which was supposed

to already be out last year, along with at least an EP music album.


But, things get in the way, so I had to change some plans, and put

things off for a while. 


But all of a sudden, out of nowhere, I got this inner vibe that

told me, I need to first finish something that I had in the hopper

for years now. So thats what I am going to do. 


I am going to finish this project, and am really excited about it.


I am working on it in my spare time, which isnt much. But, I keep

the document open, and when I get a chance, I get as much done 

as I can, in a short amount of time. 


I wont go into what it is. But, if anyone reading this, has read

either of the first two poetic lyrics books - Fork in the Road,

& The Last Bastion of Hope, and enjoyed them. They will enjoy this one.


I cant wait to get this finished, so I can fully devote my 1% of attention

that I have left, towards The Kiss of Grace book, and also the album. 


"So much time & so little to do". 


"Strike that. Reverse it".

Carpe diem




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