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The Summer of Publishing Consulting Is Back!

Holy crap, its been a while since ive posted here.

I really need to do so more often, but just have been

so busy with so many amazing things. 


I remember in 2015, I posted on a regular basis,

and had some really unique shtuff on here, but like

a moron, I erased it all, as the calender year changed over.


What an idiot! 


I had all kinds of stories, and rants, and raves,

that I would post, just off the top of my head. 

As thats how I seem to be at my most creative. 

When I am just running my fingers as fast as they

can possibly run. Often times, making little to no sense

at all! But hey, some say potato, and some say french fries right?


I just wanted to say that this summer, I am going to be doing

100 hours of 1 on 1, online consulting, for just $100 per hour.




Remember, I am not a coach, I am forever

a player in every game I choose to participate in. 

I want to be in the action, not watch it from 

the sidelines. Telling others do this, and do that.


I actually DO! 


And DO with a trail of fire blowing out of my ass end.


Or something to that effect...


This is open to the online maniacs, who are foaming from the mouth,

at any chance to MAKA DA BEEGA MONEEY! 


Well, its open to some of them anyways. 

I will only work with people I know. 

So get to know what I am about,

in regards to all sides of this business,

because I do all sides of it.

And do them at full steam. 


Contact me if your ready.



Carpe diem






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