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Fortune or Fame?

This is a quick little message for my

behind the scenes, entrepreneurial friends out there.


I know EXACTLY how it is, and what it feels like, to be

grinding away, for hours and hours a day.

Day after day, year after year.

Staring into computer screens, looking through

files, documents, codings, and everything else

that comes with actually being an "laptopper",

as some like to call us.


I have been doing it for years, consistently, and pretty hardcore.


Its brutal. And no acolades are given publicly. 


This is the part that many people have the most problem with.


Its the fact that they will receive no public glory for their hard work.


And if you are behind the scenes earning your money, you wont ever receive it either.


So get used to that.


Yes, get used to it, because it only gets worse the longer you press on.


The world is one big popularity contest. 


This online entrepreneurial, laptop lifestyle craze, is no different.


People who are wealthy enough to pay for their celebrity status,

in this online money making world, are screwing with peoples minds.


Thats the nice version. 


Without going on a long rant, that I dont have time for here.

I will say this. 


A handful of years ago, I was facing this issue,

where I was fighting with my own self, on which 

areas to focus on in business.


Should I focus on my personal writings, music, social status, etc.

Basically, everything that helps get my stupid face seen, 

and out in the public arena. 


Because I do give a small amount of attention to this, 

being that I breath, eat, and sleep, my music. And I am working hard

now, so that one day I can afford to be a full time musician.

(Yes, it cost money, not the other way around)


I also can make a full time living, as a writer/self published author.


I am not saying its an easy living, or even a good one. But, its a living.


Or, do I go with common sense, and follow the money trail,

and work my butt off, all behind the scenes of screens, where

absolutely no star is shining on ME? 


My head, and my heart & soul, always tells me to do the first one.

Even to this day. It always will. 


But I have learned to be a money hungry, greedy SOB, and

beat my inner thoughts into submission!


Hahaha, not really.


But, I have learned that it isnt all that bad being behind the scenes,

especially when all your extremely hard work, begins to pay off.


One good thing that I have going for me, is that while I may

be possibly put into the "attention whore" category. 

I am not seeking "entrepreneurial" acolades from 

wannapreneurs on social media. 


This is not where I seek my attention from. It is not

appealing to me at all to be honest. Nor would I

ever want to spend hundreds of thousands, to millions

of hard earned dollars, like all the guys at the top do. 

Just to impress young wannapreneur kids on Youtube,

Instagram, Snap shxt, or whatever other platform will

be in the future. 


I actually have legitimate talents to peddle, and show off.



So on that end, I am good with doing all of the grueling

things I do, in order to be a true laptopper. A true entrepreneur, 

that is in the trenches, digging away.


A lot of newer people dont understand, that these people

who are all looked at as gurus, or whatever. All were rich,

before they enter the laptoppers world. They are not, and

never will be laptoppers. They are rich, and can pay to

chase people around and force their cheerleadership

onto them. Not us, because I do not let them seep into my subconscious.


I am anti those people. 


Here on my website, I am not quit as loud, and proud about

my anti guruisms, as I am on Youtube. That is because 

an audience of regular people come accross this.


Who knows, maybe one day I will show that

side here too. I just dont want to turn people away.


Bottom line is.


Whatever it is that you are doing. Be content with it. 

And be content with your own self for doing it. 


If you do seek attention, thats ok. I understand that.

I am one of you too.


Just dont let it get in the way of your business goals.


The social aspect of things have really put a wrench in peoples spokes.


People think that entrepreneur means, social media celebrity. 


They are the two farthest things from one another. 


When I was fighting with this, years ago. I was 

stepping over dollars to pick up dimes, on a regular basis.


I could have been so much farther ahead of the 8 ball,

had I just stayed focused on what earns me the most profits.




Thats it. What earns the most profits in the long run. 


Once you find it. Stick with it for all eternity! 


Then you die. 


You can receive your acolades on your tomb stone. 


Until then, keep working hard, and smart.


Carpe diem





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