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Entrepreneurial Motivation - No Preaching



I used to write these more often. 

And for some reason, I would delete them, shortly after. 

I just didnt want this website to be something that 

I am against. And that is self proclaimed GURUS,

dropping "Knawledge", on everyones heads. 


I am not that. And I never will be. 


But I am a full time real life "entrepreneur",

who makes my living, on my own terms, and

my own hard, hard, excruciatingly, HARD work. 


Yes, I said HARD work. 


25/8/366, even in my sleep. 


I breath, sleep, eat, all the things that I do,

in front of the scenes, and even more so behind them.


And thats the message that I like to share.


The message of not just work hard, and things will happen.


But, work as if you will be killed by the Big Bad Wolf, if you do not.


Because the Big Bad Wolf is coming after those who choose

to even dream of calling their own shots. 


And what does calling your own shots really mean?


Because, the internet is full of "entrepreneurial" lies. 


The laptop lifestyle, is not quite what people want those

who are not part of it, to believe it is. 


So, to keep this short. (And I will try and do more posts like this,

and NOT erase them.) I will stick to this one subject.


Calling your own shots.


Yea, its cool right?


Of course it is.


But this does not mean that we can be lazy.

Which often is what it is misinterpritted for.


Real entrepreneurs, who arent wealthy already (daddy),

arent lazy. At least not for long. If they are, they will

not be entrepreneurs for very long. 


No matter what time we choose to do our work. 

The work will always be there, for us to do. 


So yea, its great to be able to go to the grocery store,

at 10 am, instead of after work. Or to go for a run,

when you cant stand starring into a computer screen any longer.

Which you couldnt do, at a real job. Your stuck, and have to work 

through those sucky moments. 


But the work will always be there, and even piling up, the more

leisure that a person thinks they need. 


To be successful, we have to put our heads down, and dig, dig, dig,

until we die. There is no let up really. Well, death of course. 


Especially now. The internet is full of con artists, and wannabe con artists,

who only make their money manipulating people into believing they

can make easy, to moderately easy money online. From the comfort

of their kitchen tables, in their Scooby Doo's. 


We step over those peoples bones all day long, in the trenches. 


Carpe diem



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