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2 am & I Am Just Waking Up.

Hey, to all who may be reading this, from wherever

it is that you are reading this from? I have this 

linked up on a few of my authors pages, on Amazon.

So I am assuming, that most of the people who would

take a look at this, would be coming from there. 


So, thanks for checking those out. 


It is 2 am, and I am taking a break, from what appears to be

a very long, and I mean long, and grueling road ahead of me.


That I brought upon myself actually. 


I got the bright idea, to learn Bohemian Rhapsody, finger picking style. 

1 guitar. Yea, its gonna be a while. I will learn it though. And I will post

it up on Instagram, if anyone is interested. 


I actually did learn some parts to it, many years ago. But, never 

finger picking style. And not the entire piece. 


So I am going to give it a go, and see what kind of damage I can do. 


The composition of this piece is unbelievably amazing. 


Anyone reading this, who plays an instrument, especially guitar, 

should check out the finger picking style composition of this masterpiece. 


I will do my best to do it justice. Even though, any of my guitars action, arent really 

made for this style, and the tone of them is not either. But, that wont stop me

from playing it. The skeleton of the song will still be there. 


Alright, I am going to get back to it. My brain was fryed a bit. 


I also wrote today. Earlier. Got in about 5,000 words. 


I never stop writing, the many things I write. 


Sometimes too many. 


And not always what I want to write either, which is what 

can suck every now and then. 


If I could write music all day, I would be in heaven. 


Throw in the occasional health related topic of my choice, 

purely for enjoyment. That would be awesome. 


Ok, have a good one. 


Carpe diem


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