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Hey, Hows It Going? (Read Me:)

Hey, how is life? I hope all is well? It's been a while since I posted on here, as I have been insanely busy, which is how I like my life to be.   NO COMPLAINTS ON MY PART   I hope you have none either?   Come hang out with me on  any of these social media sites that I have clickable icons of to your left & all over this

Muhammad Ali Died On My Birthday!

So there I was last night, at the gym on the day of my birth, doing my usual mental exercise that I like to do on a treadmill. And I look up onto the TV screen, & see that  "the greatest of ALL TIME", has just passed.    I started thinking of when I was a kid, and would watch the old fights with my grandfather, who has also

Is Trading Time For Money Beneath You?

  Is Trading time for money beneath you?    This post is going to be for my online fantasy life entrepreneurial friends out there. But anyone interested, is more than welcome to hang around.    You see, online lifestyle preneur dreamers, and seekers.  You are being fed a load of crap, when it comes to  all

El Matador Beach Photo Book #1 Is Out.

  The first of el Matador Beach photo album books is out now on Amazon here: http://amzn.to/1VTkmGF   This is just the start, as I intend on doing an entire series of these photo books, all up and down California's Pacific Coast Highway.   If I was a billionaire, I would have already done it.   But, I have figured out a

What Are You Passionate About?

What Are You Passionate About?   This is a question that kept coming up inside of my own head this weekend, as I was spending my Super Bowl Sunday on a little 4 hour nature walk, along the beaches of Malibu.   Which is Xanadu!   I love this area of California, and definitely  recommend everyone check out, at least  6,666

Super Bowl Sunday - How I Will Be Spending It

While the country lays around & watches the who GAF's, play against the I could not care any less's. This Stupor Bowl Sunday, I will be here in this area.   I will be finishing up the last bit of photos that I need to finish my first, and second, of what I hope to me many photo album books. I still need to get a good sunrise, and

Are You Spending Too Much Time Behind A Computer Screen, & Not Enough Actually Enjoying Life?

The day that I make enough money for myself, and those I care about to live our entire lives worry free, is the day that I do away with all things electronic.    Well, maybe not all things, but definitely most things.    And computers, and all things related will be one of them.    So hurry up and make me a

Is Being An Entrepreneur Your Hobby, Or Is It Your Jobby?

Do you consider yourself to be an "entrepreneur"?    It doesnt matter either, or, just wondering, as so many people seem to have this fantasy embedded into their brains of what the entrepreneurial lifestyle is all about.    The operative word here would be "fantasy".    Those who are not really entrepreneurs, will