Health FREAKS (not enthusiasts), it often times does not compute into our brains that the overwhelming majority of people in this world really do not even care much at all about their own health. Let alone want to be any kind of a freak about it.

  • Are you obsessed with your own vitality?
  • Is it what you base every single decision you make on?


AGILE - MOBILE - VIRILE (the 3 iles) are personally my only reason for living. 

Only freaks understand and agree with that statement. Not everyone wants to be a freak, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that either. So I am going to separate the two, and work on some new things for us freaks. 

Nothing is wrong with being obsessed with your vitality. I am addicted to THRIVING FOREVER & base my life on helping to motivate others, to help motivate others, to feel what we all should feel. I call it the motivational vortex. I believe that everyone deserves to be in it. 

Carpe Diem


Every true health JUNKIE should have a Facebook page they post their fitness goals on. If they do not, they are missing out on so much extra motivation. Here is mine, and I want to share yours with my audience. This is not just another memes page, or place to post sales material. I only share real human posts, that I feel can motivate viewers. Connect with me here, and lets motivate each other to motivate others to do the same.

You can come hang out over here if youd like: