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MY HEART BEATS FOR TWO (The Last Bastion of Hope)

I’m going on down to the river bed
I’m gonna get on my knees
I’m gonna bow my head
I’m going to reevaluate my life
I’m gonna make something of myself
I’m gonna change the world
as best as I can
I’m gonna shed this boy
and become a real man
In order for me to reinvent my life
I’ve got to think of others not just myself
My transformation’s overdue
Destined for a road
traveled by few
To attain the key to knowledge
that unlocks my mission statement
I was led to the fountain
of life’s water’s free
for the first time I see
in that reflection is me
I was given a gift of purpose
nothing less than a shame if I waste it
The less you know
the more I hide from you
The less I show
I stay up and cry for you
You will never know
how much I confide in you
Upon me you bestow
Upon me you bestow
My heart aches for you
My heart breaks for you
My heart it hates for you
My heart beats for two



MEMENTO MORI (Fork In The Road)
What have I become?
Why do I exist?
When I am gone,
will I be missed?
How can I ask you to pray for me,
when I cannot pray for myself?
In remembrance of my legacy,
bury my seething’s and my cries for help.
Finally I’ve met my match,
writhing in torrential pain.
Leave me be in a coma detached,
alone cold and lost in the rain.
Can’t you tell,
I’m not well?
Cursed spell.
Break this shell.
Comatose as I reap what I sow,
suffering eye for an eye.
Bless all your souls,
you just can’t let me go,
it is more pain to live
why don’t you just let me die.
What awaits,
soon I will see,
taken by a higher power.
Open the gates
and unleash me free,
you are the last thing I’ll see
in my final hour.
Can you help save me from myself?
Can you help save me from myself?
Memories fading away.
No I don’t want to stay.
I’ll just be in the way.
My memory is fading away.



Six Strings & a 6 Pack (The Brown Bagin Blues) 

After a solid time of reflection and meditation, Davey decides to stroll on over to a little music store in an alley way just a few blocks from where he is at.
It is a small music store, that sells Guitars and also does repairs on them. The store owner is somewhat of a beatnik, he is kind of a hippy type of guy who still drives an old VW Bus with bumper stickers of all kinds all over the back of it.
He is one of those guys that is all but bald on top, but still doesn’t want to let go of the pony tail in the back. Think George Carlin in the late 70s. The store owner lives in a room within the store that is more like a hangout for a small group of struggling musicians in the area.
The musicians all vary in age groups and genres of music. It is a very common thing to walk into the store at any time of day or night and see musicians of all genres just jamming together and having a good time.
From punk, to funk, from blues, to metal, all are welcome in this establishment, as long as they obey the rules. And the rules are posted on the front of the entrance door. They state, No shirt, no shoes, no problem. Other than total riff raff and gang bangers, all are welcome at this store as long as they are into having a good time.
Davey pulls up a chair and listens, as a 3 piece local cover band that calls themselves The Fogies, are jamming on some blues music. The guys notice Davey who they have nick named Smokey, and start playing the song that they had written that was inspired by him.

The Brown Bagin Blues (Song Lyrics)
Drop me off
at the end of the road
Maybe give me
a buck or two
Make me feel good
about myself
Cause I’ve got
nothing to do
Miss match socks
with holes in shoes
I’ve got the brown bagin blues
Put my pack on
and hit the streets
A hectic family life
this surely beats
Find my card board
to right my sign
Stand on the edge
of highway 99
A nomad with
a bad attitude
I’ve got the brown bagin blues
I sit and hide
behind the A&P
While all the people
lookin down on me
Sippin wiskey
and Colt 45
It’s as if
I’m not even alive
Spare some coin buddy
so I can read the news
I’ve got the brown bagin blues

Hey Smokey, you ready to jam?
I need my spoons man!
Smokey I just got this new Gibson. What do you think buddy?
Oh, I think it’s sweet. Cool colors and a sweet sound. How long have you guys been jamming today? I was running around on my birthday today kicking rocks and taking names.
It’s your birthday Smokey? That’s cool. How old are you man?
It’s my Heinz 57th birthday!
Well were gonna have to party then man. Hang out for a bit and we will jam out some tunes for you to celebrate your 57th. We are doing a show tomorrow night at the Mint. Are you gonna be there?
We can get you in free. It’s gonna be wild! We got Sea Bass AKA the ripper coming up to play lead on some of the cover songs were gonna do. He will be here in a few hours actually to get some practice in. Hang out if you want and help yourself to a frosty in the fridge. It’s on the house. We are gonna jam around for a while.
Davey hung out for a while as the boys jammed for him. Davey loves music and actually is a mediocre guitar player himself. He took them up on their offer, and indulged in the free beer in the refrigerator.
Davey actually got pretty lit, and he had passed out for quite a while in his chair. When he finally came to, he gathered his things, shook off the cob webs, and decided to wonder off down the road.
Before he left, Davey asks if he can use the head. The store owner allows Davey to use his facilities and clean up a bit, and give himself what he likes to call a whore bath.
This is one of Davey’s few opportunities during his day to use an actual real restroom, and sit his old behind on an actual toilet seat.
So Davey takes advantage of this opportunity every chance that he gets. A nice comfortable toilet seat in a closed room with some privacy, is a lot less demeaning than trying to squat behind a dumpster in an alley somewhere, sensing all of the  people and cars that are all around you, hoping that no one sees you, and possibly calls the Police.


Here is Memento - Mori