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Self Publishing Consulting 


Outsource Publishing Consulting



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I have been in the publishing world since 2010. 

The Self Publishing world first, then branched out

into the wonderful world of outsource publishing.


I have personally written over 100+ titles (& counting) myself, 

with over 2 million words (& counting) floating around the internet from

my two little fingers.


As of 2016, I have 

published with all of my businesses, over 500+ (& counting) titles.


I have personally had a great deal of success (& failures) writing, & publishing, in literally dozens of genres, under my own name, and also dozens of pen names. 





I speak nothing but truth about this shtuff. I am the only one that does publicly. I call out all of the BSers, & criminals.


"Teaching" how to make money anything, for a fee, is ILLEGAL. Yes, it really is. Ask a Lawyer. I do not "Teach" how to make money anything, nor do I lure people into my web, with outlandish claims of income. All those people online who show numbers, are lying their asses off, and are all criminals on some level, whether they know it, or not.


If you are looking for ways to get rich, quick, or slow, do NOT even waste your time contacting me. Go give those other guys, and girls your money. 

They need it more than I do.

Carpe diem




There is a huge difference between

writing a book, or books, on subjects that

are near and dear to your heart. 

And writing, or paying ghost writers to write

books you then publish,

with intentions of making at least a profit,

if not your entire living off of. 




As of 2015, I have personally written,

well over 2 million (yes million) words,

that I have published under myself, and

 companies, all over the web. 


I do not intend on stopping either, as I am

a writer, and love to write on subjects that 

I am passionate about, and also use my writings,

to generate business, and get myself out there,

as my sights are set extremely high.


The more people know who I

am on this planet,

the better it will be,

once I start my intended journey.


For me, I have found this 

outlet to be the most lucrative,

while getting my face in front

of the world. All other forms

of social media costs high 6 figures

minimum, in order to produce any kind

of real notoriety. And even then,

you need a gimmick, or fad to leach onto.

Especially as a male. 


One of my publishing companies, has also

published hundreds, and hundreds of titles,

in various genres, all over the internet.


I am telling you this, because I know 

what I am doing in this business, while

the get rich quick liars, absolutely know

squat about even their own side of it. 


I can teach people the get rich quick side to this business

better than the get rich quick teachers teach it! 




Because they dont actually do the business.

They just simply tell people what they want to hear,

and have a polished up game, full of filler, and buzz words.


But, the get rich quick side is LAME.


And I will not just share any of those secrets with anyone.



You would have to know me for well over 2 years

to get any of that shtuff out of me anyways. Plus,

I would charge tens of thousands of dollars for it.


Advice: Do not even waste your precious time chasing it.


This business, no matter which road you are

choosing to take, is brutal.


There is nothing easy about this business,

if you are looking at it from a business standpoint?


If you are simply just trying to share your

heart, and soul, with the world, then that

would be a complete joy to do. But do not

expect to get rich from it, or even make it

as an author. 


There is a huge difference between

self publishing, and outsourcing.

Somehow online, the two have been

intertwined by the get rich quick peddlers. 


I do both at the highest level,

along with many other aspects of the business.


If you are wanting to make 5 figures a month

in this business, you are more than likely

going to have to drop in 6 figures first.

And continue to spin around money,

until the end of days. Or, the end of

your days anyways? 


My time is valuable, &

I will only work with a small

handful of people a year.

That is all that I can do. 

And all I want to do.


I can possibly be talked into

working with "internet marketery",

wannapreneur, lifestyle dream chasers,

but not bloody likely to be honest.


My life is great the way it is,

and those people really do not stand

a chance at succeeding in this game.


But I do wish them the best, and

hope they can turn their warped

mentality around, and succeed.


You see, they are being fed a load

of crap, no matter what angle they

are being led in from. Internet marketers

tell, and sell fictitious stories. This is what

they do best. This is exactly what is being 

done now, and people are taking the bait,

hook, line, and sinker. 


If you are going to be a snooty writer,

with your nose held up in the air, who writes,

and publishes one, or two books a year, then

you better be rich already. 


If you are going to be a weasely internet 

slime bucket, who intends on having

virtual slaves flood the markets with

hundreds, and hundreds of titles in a years

time, then you better be rich as well. 


See, both sides need to be rich, in order

to make happen, what they are believing 

is happening, to those selling them on the idea,

that it is happening. 




Listen to me, because I do not want

to be your "self publishing" coach. 

I am telling you the honest to Gods truth, 

and have been doing so for years now. 


There are people right now,

who possibly got their small business

up to just a few hundred a month gross,

who are raking in 5 figures a month 

easily coaching numbnuts, who think they

made it to the promise land. 


If you can believe your own lies,

then you are ready to start spreading them,

and profit big time from them. 


There are people making a few hundred

a month, telling people they make 20 thousand,

and more. Its insane, the lies in this business.


In online marketing in general, the money

is in the coaching of morons with huge dreams. 

Always remember that. That goes for all of these

businesses online. 


In order to make your living as an

entrepreneur solely. As in, you have

no cushy job, or daddy's millions to back you up.


You have got to have at least 5 - 10

different sources of income coming in. 

You have to. This is for online marketing

type of businesses. 


Self Publishing, or just Publishing

in general, is an online marketing business. 

An online marketing business, that

99.9% of people attempting to try it,

will not ever get in front of the eight ball.


This is why the smart ones, lie, and 

begin teaching the idea of making a living

from it, in order to actually make their

first real income online. 


That is THE online marketing secret. 


There is no other. Dont even bother

looking for one that sounds nicer. 


In a nutshell...


Learn the basics of something eye catching.

Polish up your teeth, and act. 

Convince yourself, that you are at the

helm of it.


Once you have fully convinced

your own self. 


Then, start spreading

the message to wide eyed newbies,

or even oldbies, who have only

lost money in their 666 attempts to

strike it rich. 


Now that you know that, please,

spread that message to others, 

so you can help save them time,

grief, and hard earned money. 



And quit listening to those Pied Pipers.

Email me here:


Carpe diem