Publishing Consulting 2018 - Non Fiction (Doing What I Do!) Starts at $5,000 -(& rising so high, that no one will do it) With Vetting Process. Only going to work with a few people, who can handle the volume needed, to make it worth even going through the years of hard work it takes to make it.  


Get Rich Quick Junkies From YouTube & Facebook. For """Fiction""", Message Me For Details. Also, Vetting Process. 

I can do affordable email only consulting for this too, depending on how busy I am. Extreme volume WARNING! If you cannot see yourself pumping hundreds in a year, and even thousands (for the clinically insane). It is a waste of time to do this particular style of """"FICTION"""". 


Real Humans (Non Get Rich Quick Junkies From The Internet) Message Me For Details. & Be Thankful That You Are Not A Get Rich Quick Junkie...YET!


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